19. November 2006

i have to see (make, taste) for myself!

there is a hype going on in the foodblog world right now about this super-easy no-knead bread.

i think many other foodbloggers where shaking their heads in disbelief like i did, but by now i saw so many posts regarding the gorgeous results of this no-effort-recipe and i am convinced: i have to try this now. i have to pass the torch!

according to jim lahey of the sullivan street bakery in new york you only need water, flour, instant yeast, salt - and no tricks!

3 cups of all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon of instant yeast
1 1/4 teaspoons of salt
1 1/2 cups of water
... are the exact measurements. i always have that in my kitchen cupboard, so lets get to work. actually, i will let the yeast do the work over night. it should take me only a few seconds to throw the ingredients together.

check out the video of mark bittman (nyt) right here. and stay tuned. i will post the results in about 20 hours. maybe i will be one of the many people fascinated by the simplicity of the recipe and the lovely result.

no-knead bread
all i have to do now is figure out how many °Celsius 515 °Fahrenheit are ... i can hardly wait until i come home from work tomorrow and finally bake this baby ... and join the hype of the blogosphere.

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this recipe seems to be really foolproof. when i came home from work today the dough had rested for about 20 hours and doubled its size. i was pretty impressed! yes i know, yeast does that to flour and water :) the smell of the dough when i lifted the cloth was a bit weird. it reminded me a lot of beer, actually. i was afraid that the bread might end up tasting like this too ... but it didn't.

one challenge i had to face was the baking itself. since my oven is not working propperly i had to stick the bread into my mini grill/oven-type of thing (which actually is half broken too ...). and since the capacity of this thing is very very limited i could not use a pot and a lid.

no-knead bread
i placed the dough in my casserole and tinkered an aluminium foil "hat / lid / cover". that is very lame, i know. but look how perfect the bread came out after one hour on 235 °C (again, this damn mini grill /oven is not able to produce more heat)

no-knead bread
perfect, don't you think?

it certainly tasted wonderful, a lot like ciabatta. and despite i am a big big fan of dark bread i really like this one and i will definitely make my own white bread from now on.

let me sum this up: you need flour, instant yeast, salt and water and it does not even seem to matter if you don't stick to the instructions religiously.

instead of a pot and a lid i used my casserole and some aluminium foil.
instead of 268 °C i baked it on 235 °C.

don't be scared to improvise!
be creative!
how much easier can it get?

... now let me get back to my light evening meal with my lovely bread ...

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Anonym hat gesagt…

let google do the math for you ;)


i do this all the time when i need some mesurement in the metric system or something like that.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Gratuliere, sieht doch super aus!

Amy Sherman hat gesagt…

Wow! Very impressive loaf! Glad to hear it is tasty as it is easy.

Marc hat gesagt…

Thanks for trying this recipe and improvising with the container. When I read the article, I immediately started looking for the specified container (4-6 L pyrex or ceramic-coated pot). I don't have one, so I asked my friends and family , again with no luck. So I am glad to read that a casserole and aluminum foil will work properly! I just put some bread in the oven, so perhaps in a few weeks I'll try this magical bread.

burekaboy — hat gesagt…

hey gerda, i just found your blog through a link. danke schon for putting me in your list of links!

your blog is very nice, i have to spend some time looking through it.

yes, everyone has been making this bread from lahey. i think many people are amazed at how easy it is to reproduce & how successful they can be with little effort put in to make a beautiful loaf. most of it is being patient for the fermentation and having the right container to cook it in. it is very interesting that you used a casserole with spectacular results.

good for you! ;p greetings from canada ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…

that is the best looking example of this 'no-knead' bread i've seen so far :) Now I am definitely convinced to try :D congrats!

and thanks for passing by my site :D

tschüss! :D