23. Oktober 2010

start spreading the news ...

well. i am not a globetrotting kind of person.

but when i look back at my year i am amazed that i have seen so many places and that i took so many nice trips in 2010 that lead me away from my regular paths. berlin, istanbul ... and guess what, i am practically on my way to new york city now. it will be a trip with my department from university and it is pretty well planned (they have a lot of arty and touristy stuff covered), but i also want to sneak off every now and then and do stuff on my own.

i especially intend to eat my way around new york. or maybe i should watch a few episodes of sex and the city in preparation for my trip?

or perhaps you want to help me fill my google map with personal tips off the beaten track? that would be really nice!

oh, and if you want to get in contact and maybe even join a little european girl wandering around manhattan - don't be shy! get in touch via email! it would be really cool to meet fellow foodbloggers!

... i am really getting excited now ... !