25. Januar 2006

the teeny cup

this was my lunch today. i usually eat at the mensa (cafeteria) when i am at university but the food there starts to bore me beyond belief. it always tastes the same, very little variation foodwise and practically no variation at all as far as seasoning is concerned.

so i thought i might give all the "fastfood"-stuff (not mcdonalds, i HATE mcdonalds!) that is available here in linz a try.

my first choice: a chinese takeaway that serves "teeny cups" with delicious and rich meals for as low as
€ 3,3.

one word: fantastic!

22. Januar 2006

introducing my sisters foodblog

i am having my sister and my mother over for a quick lunch before we visit my dad in the hospital (surgery on the spinal disc). i figured that's a good opportunity to once again feature my sisters foodlog (though she is just starting to post).

17. Januar 2006


i have been tagged by ostwestwind and i gladly respond:

four jobs you’ve had in your life

1. secretary
2. programmer
3. barkeeper
4. artist

four movies you could watch over and over

1. when harry met sally (gosh, i love this movie!!)
2. the big lebowski
3. my big fat greek wedding
4. the truth about cats and dogs

four places you’ve lived (apart from the town i was born and grew up in i only lived in four places)

1. one year in london, england right after i graduated from commercial college
2. two years in wels, upper austria because my first job was there
3. a month in vienna, austria because i did not know what to do with my life
4. and now for the last two years in linz, austria

four websites you visit daily

1. www.orf.at (federal broadcasting)
2. diestandard.at (female version of an austrian newspaper)
3. de.wikipedia.org (everyday i have to look something up)
4. ufg.ac.at (my university)

four tv shows you love to watch

1. friends
2. kind of queens
3. all kinds of cooking-shows
4. all kinds of diy-homeimprovement shows

four of your favorite foods

1. potatoes
2. pole beans
3. apples
4. chips

four albums you can’t live without

1. ten - pearl jam
2. nevermind - nirvana
3. reality bites soundtrack
4. singles soundtrack

four places you’d rather be

1. london, england
2. at a beach / in warm weather (freezing my ass off in austria right now!)

four people who are now obligated to do this to their blog

i would like to invite (update: seems like many people have already done this one! like kalyn, who i originally wanted to invite too). i pass it on to two of my favorite foodblogs though:

apartment food hobos
tea time

16. Januar 2006

kaiserschmarrn with apple and raisins

0,2 l milk
1 teaspoon sugar
1 p vanilla sugar
80 g flour
1 egg
a dash of salt
1 apple
some raisins

01 mix it all up
02 cut the apples and add them to the batter. throw in the raisins as well (preferably over your left shoulder - for luck!)
03 heat a little butter in a pan
04 pour the mix in the pan and bake on one side. it should look like a thick pancake
05 when turning slightly brown underneath rip the omlet with a spatula and roast a little longer
06 sprinkle with icing sugar

15. Januar 2006

creamed spinach, fried eggs and fried potatoes

spinach is my comforting food. as long as i can remember i was crazy about this vegetable, even though as a child i did not even know how the actual vegetable really looks like. i was simply obsessed with creamed spinach and could not imagine how anyone would NOT like it. today i hardly ever prepare it the old fashioned way (just like my mum makes it), in fact i think i haven't eaten spinach in like two years.

as i was looking for frozen goods yesterday i actually shrieked in front of the ice box in the supermarket as i discovered the spinach. suddenly i got the munchies! and as i prepared it with fried eggs and fried potatoes today it truely tasted like a little piece of heaven :)

12. Januar 2006

spaghetti tart and home made tomato sauce

spaghetti tart

160g spaghetti
1 liter salted water
1 tablespoon oil
50 g grated cheese (gouda is fine)
70 g tomatos (from a can)
70 g olives (they used peas in the original recipe)
100 g sour cream
2 eggs
salt, peper, parsley

01 cook spaghetti al dente and pour off the excess water
02 clean and cut tomatos or use tomatos from a can and add to pasta
03 add cut up olives and grated cheese as well
04 mix eggs, sour cream and season to taste
05 pour the spaghettimix in a cake pan and pour egg/creamsauce on top
06 heat oven to 200°C and bake for 60 minutes
07 serve spaghetti tart with home made tomato sauce

tomato sauce

375 g tomatos
1/2 onion
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt, pepper, basil
10 g parmesan
10 g fine chopped pine nuts

01 mince tomatos with hand blender and strain through a tight sieve to produce some kind of tomato puree
02 chop onion and sauté in olive oil
03 add tomato puree and season to taste
04 once the sauce is thickened add basil, parmesan and pine nuts
if you use the quantities for 4 persons you really get a big cake! since i come from an austrian/bohemian background i always expect tarts to be sweet. having a recipe transfer that given image into an italian dish is quite experimental for me ... i also did not use a big pan, i used some tiny childrens cookware and adjusted the time in the oven. after all i devide all my recipies to match my needs as a single gal. i don't need to eat eight servings ...

tagged with: +

for my first imbb i also decided to add two more pictures of the tart ...

spaghetti tart and home made tomato sauce spaghetti tart and home made tomato sauce

3. Januar 2006

salmon filet with potato crust plus cauliflower, broccoli and romanesco in honey and ginger

salmon filet with potato crust

200 g salmon filet
2 potatos

01 peel and grate potato and squeeze out well
02 season with salt and pepper
03 spread mustard on one side of the salmon and press on grated potato
04 roast gently in a little olive oil (potato side first)

cauliflower, broccoli and romanesco with honey and ginger

200g cauliflower, broccoli and romanesco
½ red onion
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon honey
50 ml vegetable stock
2 teaspoons olive oil

01 sauté cut up cauliflower, brocolli, romanesco as well as onion
02 add minced ginger and continue stirfrying
03 add honey after about 10 minutes
04 add vegetable stock
05 season to taste
this is quite a smart recipe! the ingredients are rather traditional, yet the seasoning and the combination itself is quite sensational! it tastes amazing!!!

thinking about cooking

having my foodblog back on track makes me think about my dinnerplans all day :) what am i going to cook today? i feel like i need to cook fancy and delicious things to rise to the occasion and be an exemplary foodblogger. of course i always like to experiment with new spices and flavours, dishes and ingredients, in addidtion to a tasty meal for myself i'd like to create good looking stuff for you to look at.

as i was cleaning my fridge yesterday i found a rather old piece of a ginger root. now i have such a craving for a ginger dish, it's unbelievable!

i am looking through www.chefkoch.de to find a delicious gingerdish i can cook, eat and post this evening. on my way home i might also check out that new health food store that opened last week right by my workplace for some fancy & healthy ideas ...

by the way:

the ginger root from my fridge also has a sprout on it.
can i plant this little thing?
will it start to grow?