16. Januar 2006

kaiserschmarrn with apple and raisins

0,2 l milk
1 teaspoon sugar
1 p vanilla sugar
80 g flour
1 egg
a dash of salt
1 apple
some raisins

01 mix it all up
02 cut the apples and add them to the batter. throw in the raisins as well (preferably over your left shoulder - for luck!)
03 heat a little butter in a pan
04 pour the mix in the pan and bake on one side. it should look like a thick pancake
05 when turning slightly brown underneath rip the omlet with a spatula and roast a little longer
06 sprinkle with icing sugar


Paz hat gesagt…

Apples and raisins. What a nice combination!


ostwestwind hat gesagt…

Hi, I got a meme and now it's your turn to answer, please.

Claudia hat gesagt…

Your Kaiserschmarrn looks delicious! Reminds me of my holidays in Tyrol.

Joe hat gesagt…

This sounds so good and looks even better!