25. Januar 2006

the teeny cup

this was my lunch today. i usually eat at the mensa (cafeteria) when i am at university but the food there starts to bore me beyond belief. it always tastes the same, very little variation foodwise and practically no variation at all as far as seasoning is concerned.

so i thought i might give all the "fastfood"-stuff (not mcdonalds, i HATE mcdonalds!) that is available here in linz a try.

my first choice: a chinese takeaway that serves "teeny cups" with delicious and rich meals for as low as
€ 3,3.

one word: fantastic!


Kalyn hat gesagt…

Great photo. It looks good to me.

Paz hat gesagt…

Very nice! It's always great to find a satisfactory meal.

Hope your dad is much better.