7. Februar 2006

i let my mother spoil me

after a big big presentation at university last week (which went very well, by the way) i decided to take a few days off and spend some time with my parents and recharge my engins :)

my mother is the best cook i know and of course she made some wonderful meals to spoil her eldest daughter. her "lungenbraten in semmelknödelhülle" was simply to die for - i have to look that up in my dictionary since i have no clue about the english word for "lungenbraten". and i'll post a picture as well.

update: there seems to be no propper translation for the austrian word "lungenbraten". my dictionary proposese "tenderloin" so i'll go with

tenderloin in bread dumpling crust with mushroom sauce and potatos

funny enough my mother usually makes stuff like this up. i have never ever seen her use a cookbook for a main course. now there's where i have all my fondness of experimenting from ... :)

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