27. Februar 2006

20 eggyolks

there are six appartements in my building and three of them are occupied by me, my best friend franziska and her boyfriend markus, as well as my friends leo and his girlfriend tanja. you see, we are almost taking over the house by now ... it's great to have my best friends in the building. we meet in one of our flats quite regularly to eat, drink and chat and generally have a good time.

on saturday it was markus's birthday and we had a big big party with about 120 guest all over the place. every appartement served a different food and drinks so people where litteraly forced to tour our building in order to experience full culinary offerings. i served kidney bean dip, magic monday morning (pear juice and rum) and chips in my appartement. franziska and markus served potato spread, white russian and pretzel sticks. leo and tanja offered a herb dip, vodka-orange and snips (peanut snack)

on friday we also made a giant cake. a cake with layers, which turned out pretty fancy! we never thought we could even handle such a big project, but we did! with a littel help from our friend martina who knows her way around the kitchen very well too us four girls managed to accomplish this pretty difficult task. check it out:

cutting a long story short: i still have 20 eggyolks in my fridge and don't know what to do with them. some sort of desert would be nice. any suggestions for a recipe where i can make use of that ammount of yolks?!? please help!!!

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rosa hat gesagt…

I have an extremely rich (but very yummy, you can always have a salad as the main course I guess) creme brulee recipe which calls for yolks but no eggwhites.
Also, you could make lots of shortbread dough, freeze it and you'll always have dough for biscuits & sweet pastries at hand.

I love your photos, btw :)

shuna fish lydon hat gesagt…

Ice cream and creme anglaise are the best way to use up a lot of egg yolks. (as well as creme brulee, the above suggestion.) To keep them fresh place plastic wrap right on the surface of the yolks. Otherwise they dry up and become too sticky to use.

Conny hat gesagt…

ice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream! :)
oder diese portugiesische creme mit dem wohlklingenden namen "kamelsabber" bei der man dulce de leche (bzw. gekochte kondensmilch) mit eidottern mischt und mit gehackten nüssen bestreut.

angelika hat gesagt…

Hallo Gerda, Ihr scheint ja viel Spaß gehabt zu haben, find ich toll. Also wenn Du für Dich und Deine Freunde die doppelte Portion, sprich 16 Stück Topfenpalatschinken machst, bleiben nicht mehr viele Eier für's Frühstück über... Liebe Grüße entlang der Donau, angelika