8. Februar 2006

my sister is staying at my place

my sister does not come over very often. as long as i can remember we where like best friends. we went to the same schools, we had the same friends, we even lived together for several years. i always was the bossy, protective one and she always was the cute little sister. while we where roommates we also had to go through some pretty tough times. my sister was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was 19. it was terrible. suddenly i was so completely helpless. as the oldest sibling i always took care of pretty much everything that could ever harm my "little ones". i could not make this problem go away though.

it was pretty tough for the whole family, but it was particularly hard for the both of us as we where living together. i have no idea why, but after like three years in the same appartement we somehow had a big fight. it did not come out of nowhere, i guess we both kind of saw that coming. my sister moved out and after a while i moved out too. we did not leave on good terms and we did not have contact for months.

honestly, this was a scaring and scary experience for me. we where very close ever since we where children and not having my sister around every day was like cutting an umbilical cord. everyone always asked us how we handle this: being sisters and being best friends too. we always wondered: "yeah, what's so strange about that?!"

well, to cut a long story short: after hardly speaking to eachother for two years we now have very very different lives. but we have forgiven eachother for that stupid fight we both picked.


we sometimes visit eachother and then it is just like it used to be. yesterday karin spent the night at my place and she made a phenomenal interpretation of this chicken saag (murgh saag) giving it her own twist. i made an espresso gratina for desert. we had a great day, checking out herbs and spices the indian and asian corner shops.


Easily Pleased hat gesagt…

what beautiful photos! this is my first visit to your blog - I will be returning for sure. congratulations on very nice work. that espresso gratina is making my mouth water!

Courtney hat gesagt…

Your honesty...its beautiful. Your little story moved me.
Y'know...I never even had a sister to fight with. When my third "last chance" brother was born, I cried! hahaha

Trig hat gesagt…

Your photography is getting better and better and putting me to shame. Thanks very much for you-know-what and it has been a pleasure to reciprocate.

Cheers, Trig