31. Dezember 2005

sweethearts, i am back!

i finally got internet at home again! it felt like i was thrown back in medieval times over the last weeks ...
so ... what happened kitchenwise lately?

of course i cooked a lot. i even tried some christmas cookies (which turned out to be quite ... not so good).

my mother bought me my first real kitchenappliance: a hand blender with many different tools. i tell you - THIS thing is a godsend! how could i ever live without it?

and as i was bored out of my mind without internet i started to redo my boring kitchen. i am not finished yet so i will post the results later on. i am painting everthing white and some of the cupboards and shelves will get a black finish just like a school blackboard. i can write my shopping lists directly on my kitchen then :)

... for now i wish you and your loved ones all the best for the new year!

22. Dezember 2005

can't wait!

my new provider is installing internet at my place next week.
i can't wait, i really miss foodblogging!

12. Dezember 2005


i am a big fan of bread. traditional schwarzbrot, soft english bread, scandinavian knäckebrot or french toast - i need to have bread at least 2x a day.

i discovered the best bread i tasted in months last week at my local supermarket: superdelicious carrot-bread!

one thing i did shy away from in my cooking adventures is making bread. i always fear that i get a hard lump of dough instead of a tasty loaf of bread.

cooking with yeast scares me.

5. Dezember 2005

coconut milk / turkey / curry - freestyle

300 g turkey breast
300 ml coconut milk
1 teaspoon of curry powder
olive oil
salt, pepper
ground chili

01 cut turkey breast
02 fry in a pan
03 add 1 teaspoon of curry powder
04 stir until the meat is slightly roasted
05 add coconut milk
06 let simmer till the meat is roasted thoroughly
07 season to taste

since i had no salad at home i figured i could try to marinate an orange. this would go well with the curry thing.

1 orange
olive oil
herbs, salt, ground chili

01 peel and cut the orange
02 sprinkle witz salt, herbs and ground chili
03 drizzle with olive oil

any kind of flat bread goes well with this asian-inspired dish

3. Dezember 2005

you should never be too busy to maintain your foodblog

shame on me. but since i no longer have internet at home it's become quite a challenge to post my treats ... i am currently changing providers and i'll be online again soon ...

i'm gonna cook some coconut milk / turkey / curry - freestyle-thing combined with "tiroler schüttelbrot", which is a tyrolean speciality similar to pita or flat bread. it is made of rye flour, water and yeast. i bet it will fit perfectly to an indian style curry.

i'll be posting about it on monday.