31. Dezember 2005

sweethearts, i am back!

i finally got internet at home again! it felt like i was thrown back in medieval times over the last weeks ...
so ... what happened kitchenwise lately?

of course i cooked a lot. i even tried some christmas cookies (which turned out to be quite ... not so good).

my mother bought me my first real kitchenappliance: a hand blender with many different tools. i tell you - THIS thing is a godsend! how could i ever live without it?

and as i was bored out of my mind without internet i started to redo my boring kitchen. i am not finished yet so i will post the results later on. i am painting everthing white and some of the cupboards and shelves will get a black finish just like a school blackboard. i can write my shopping lists directly on my kitchen then :)

... for now i wish you and your loved ones all the best for the new year!