12. Januar 2006

spaghetti tart and home made tomato sauce

spaghetti tart

160g spaghetti
1 liter salted water
1 tablespoon oil
50 g grated cheese (gouda is fine)
70 g tomatos (from a can)
70 g olives (they used peas in the original recipe)
100 g sour cream
2 eggs
salt, peper, parsley

01 cook spaghetti al dente and pour off the excess water
02 clean and cut tomatos or use tomatos from a can and add to pasta
03 add cut up olives and grated cheese as well
04 mix eggs, sour cream and season to taste
05 pour the spaghettimix in a cake pan and pour egg/creamsauce on top
06 heat oven to 200°C and bake for 60 minutes
07 serve spaghetti tart with home made tomato sauce

tomato sauce

375 g tomatos
1/2 onion
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt, pepper, basil
10 g parmesan
10 g fine chopped pine nuts

01 mince tomatos with hand blender and strain through a tight sieve to produce some kind of tomato puree
02 chop onion and sauté in olive oil
03 add tomato puree and season to taste
04 once the sauce is thickened add basil, parmesan and pine nuts
if you use the quantities for 4 persons you really get a big cake! since i come from an austrian/bohemian background i always expect tarts to be sweet. having a recipe transfer that given image into an italian dish is quite experimental for me ... i also did not use a big pan, i used some tiny childrens cookware and adjusted the time in the oven. after all i devide all my recipies to match my needs as a single gal. i don't need to eat eight servings ...

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for my first imbb i also decided to add two more pictures of the tart ...

spaghetti tart and home made tomato sauce spaghetti tart and home made tomato sauce

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boo_licious hat gesagt…

What a great idea about the usage of the children's cookware. The small spaghetti tart is such an interesting idea.