15. Januar 2006

creamed spinach, fried eggs and fried potatoes

spinach is my comforting food. as long as i can remember i was crazy about this vegetable, even though as a child i did not even know how the actual vegetable really looks like. i was simply obsessed with creamed spinach and could not imagine how anyone would NOT like it. today i hardly ever prepare it the old fashioned way (just like my mum makes it), in fact i think i haven't eaten spinach in like two years.

as i was looking for frozen goods yesterday i actually shrieked in front of the ice box in the supermarket as i discovered the spinach. suddenly i got the munchies! and as i prepared it with fried eggs and fried potatoes today it truely tasted like a little piece of heaven :)

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noledge hat gesagt…

yum, our traditional green thursday (?) meal.

(looked it up... maundy thursday. not that i'm very religous, but traditions are there to keep :) )