17. Juni 2007

in other news ...

i have to admit that i am an impulsive person.

right now i am really angry about what is going on over at flickr. have you heard? at the moment there's a pretty heated discussion going on about my (formerly) beloved flickr cowardly giving in to yahoo's weird policies ... i just knew that something was up in the air when they anounced that flickr was now part of yahoo a while back ...

please watch this and tell me what you think:

while i am impulsive i am not a stubborn person that wants to be in a riot as a matter of principle. i really think that it is an easy way out to blame all this censorship on "law and legal matters", because it is simply not true that you're not allowed to show a little skin in germany, austria and switzerland (i am not sure about singapore, hong kong or korea).

"If your Yahoo! ID is based in Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong or Korea, you will only be able to view safe content based on your local Terms of Service, and therefore won’t be able to turn off SafeSearch."

i thought of withdrawing from flickr alltogether but then i figured: "wait a minute. i used to loooooove flickr! and i paid good money for that account, i might as well use it." so i want to add my 2 cent to this debate. as long as it may take.

i am spreading the word
this picture does not even qualify for a "dinner for one" post. it was a "lunch and dinner for four to six people" - thing *g*. we had a lovely little bbq out on the neighbour's deck yesterday and i can feed on all the leftovers for a couple of days now. as a quick lunch i opted for "halloumified chicken breasts on a bed of vegetables".

there you go. this is what my pictures will look like from now on. as long as it might take.

yummie pictures might not look that yummie anymore, but this matter is really important to me. i want to do everything to make the censorship visible and to raise awareness. and hey, deep down in my heart i am still a rrriot girl!

i hope you understand my point of view and maybe support me a little ...


Anonym hat gesagt…

I am thinking just like you.
As long as I don't infringe somebody else's intellectual property I should be allowed to post what I want. Same holds for YouTube etc. Nobody is forced to look at my photos, so nobody has the right to take offend because I have posted this and that.

Trig hat gesagt…

You have my support every step of the way

Anne-arky hat gesagt…

What bullshit! I support you all the way.