29. Februar 2008

brewing cough medicine

i might not be the only person having a cold these days and while i managed to steer clear of nasty cough-germs for a couple of years (i never cough!) it finally hit me last week. phew, i even have a mild fever!! and that's really nasty, let me tell you!

it's a good thing i consider myself a little witch and i can brew myself all kinds of remedies!


ah, not really.

but i always rely on household remedies if an illness is somewhat harmless ... this one is, i feel a little weak, i want to stay in bed all day - and i do!! the coughing is just bugging the hell out of me so i need to drench myself in vitamins despite my current state of appetitelessness (is that even an english word?)

so before i officially freak out of cabin fever i pull myself together and turn on the stove. a sick girl needs to eat, even if she's not that hungry!

peel and cut one large carrot (150 g), one large parsnip (130 g), one small onion (55 g), one green bell pepper (90 g), one yellow bell pepper (117 g). put the veggies on a baking tray, sprinkle with a little olive oil and fresh pepper and roast on 180°C until tender.

(i thought i could use the cabbage pictured above too, but i
actually didn't. too bad i can't go back in time to rearrange the pic! even when i am sick i am a controllfreak / perfectionist ...)

now grab your immersion blender and mash everything up real nice! the roasted veggies need a little more liquid, so i sprinkled them with a stock cube and poured over 250 ml of hot water. i also added 125 ml of rama cremefine.

looks like i am living on the edge with all the additional cream! i even drizzled a little over the soup when i decorated the plate ... use some more pepper to season (it'll also clear your sinus!)

whoa, i feel better already! watch out nasty germs, tons of vitamins coming your way!


Trig hat gesagt…

From one thing to another. I don't know. What you need is a regular bowl of chicken noodle soup. It cures everything.

Emma hat gesagt…

your food photography is incredible!

tschoerda hat gesagt…