19. November 2008

love food, hate waste AND save money

a very inspirational website i just found:


growing up in a working class enviroment i've learned to live a resourceful life at a very young age. i still am very aware of that today (i believe), but there is no harm in consulting clever websites every now and then. it's not only that i hate being wasteful, i also can't affort to pour money down the drain! really - who can, these days? while i try to be very aware of enviromental issues, i also am aware of my slender purse.

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Trig hat gesagt…

Hi tschoerda. I first came across this campaign early this year and I'm totally in support. You can add your name as a supporter and get great ideas for minimising waste, which in my home country is massive and totally disgusting. As a professional I work hard to re-use anything left over from making a given dish. We waste very little.