6. Januar 2010

what went wrong?

when i was little, my grandmother always used to say "this is where the baker slept!" when we found a big "cave" like this in a bread ... to this day i cant get that image out of my head ...

what went wrong?
i mixed two different kinds of flour. since i don't really know yet how that ancient wheat "purpurweizen" must be treated, i will have to experiment a little more. maybe more water? more time to rise? and definitely more kneading! yes, that's probably it.

what went wrong?


oleschri hat gesagt…

http://www.meistermarken-ulmerspatz.de/downloads/bbz/Brotqualitaet.pdf (PDF)

Seite 41
2995 Hohlräume
- Teige fester halten
- Restbrotzusatz reduzieren
- Wirkdruck bei der Aufarbeitung erhöhen
- Wirkfehler vermeiden (weniger Mehl oder Öl verwenden)

Trig hat gesagt…

Worse when you find a rat sleeping there instead of the baker.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Cute image! I live in Austria too, though I'm a Kiwi and my German is fairly atrocious ;P Glad to meet you!