7. Mai 2006


whenever we make toast with regular brown bread we call it bauerntoast. it usually is way better than using sandwich bread and in my opinion even grilled cheese on brown bread is tasting better. i am a big fan of bread to start with and i put almost everything on bread. like schnitzel for example:

putenschnitzen / bauerntoast-style: zutaten putenschnitzen / bauerntoast-style

1 small escallop of turkey (125 gramm)
2 slices of whole-grain bread
1 teaspoon of rama cremfin
salt, pepper, fennel seeds

01 toast the bread until slightly crunchy
02 season escallop with salt and pepper and roast over medium heat
03 mix cremfin (or yoghurt, sour cream, ...) with a few fennel seeds.
04 stack bread, salad and escallop and spread the cream/fennel mixture on top
05 top with remaining slice of bread
putenschnitzen / bauerntoast-style
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Dianka hat gesagt…

Oh this looks so good, espeically since it's almost lunch time here! I miss European bread so much!!