3. Mai 2006

healthy diet

i am devastated.

yesterday i had to whip out my fat ass jeans. when i hid them in my closet about two years ago i thought "i am doing so well, i will never have to wear them again".

well, there you go. the fat ass obviousely is back and i am crushed.

to be honest, i haven't stepped on the scales yet. i lost quite some kilos three years ago with weight watchers flexipoints ... i might have to start a diet-blog, folks, because i really want to at least get somewhere near my feel good weight again ...

aaahhh! this day sucks.

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Dianka hat gesagt…

Awww poor thing. Don't get discouraged, everyone has bad days =)


Dianka hat gesagt…

In response to your previous post on my blog...
This is so interesting! Where in Austria do you live exactly? Sumova is correct and that is so neat that you've been wanting to learn Czech, it is a fun language. And I have desperately been wanting to learn German!
That's so great that our recipes are so similar, I definitely enjoy cooking Czech meals, as it brings me back to my roots and reminds me of the best childhood memories. I am a huge fan of Austria, what a beautiful country you live in, one of the prettiest. My parents escaped to the states during communism 20 years ago and stayed at a refuge camp in Austria and my mom fell in love with it there. To this day I always bug her that they should of just stayed there! hehe. What do you do in Austria?

Na Zdravi,