3. Juni 2006

watching my weight apparently makes me a pretty dull foodblogger

i hardly ever cook something spectacular now. i braise my vegetables, i steam my meat - actually i hardly ever eat meat. i feast on fruits and vegetables and the apple has replaced my beloved sausage sandwich. i switched to light stuff and products that have less calories, fat and e-numbers in them. strangely enough i have a weird craving for spelt, buckwheat and amaranth ... hm ...

i allow myself sweets though. well, not sweets actually, but sweet things. like 70% dark chokolate. i guess this is why i don't have the munchies for opulent dishes right now - it makes me stick to my plan and the good news is that i have like 3 kilos less than 2 weeks ago. and my pants fit better.

as i am getting acquainted to the odd bio lifestyle i sometimes can not resist wrapping up steames veggies and roast turkey breast in puff pastry which actually shoud be shunt from my fridge since it has way too much calories ... eh! what the hell!

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Kalyn hat gesagt…

Great photo of this. It looks delicious.