30. Juli 2006

pudding from scratch

why did i always think making homemade cocoa pudding was difficult? it's not more difficult than ripping open a pack of dr. oetker chocolate pudding powder, actually! i found a recipe for cocoa pudding the other day at the tea-time blog and i was absolutely thrilled that it was totally easy and quick to have myself a little homemade pudding.

don't get me wrong, i do not shun finished products or convenience food from my kitchen, but i more and more like to look behind the scenes every once in a while. i'd like to know how a dish is actually made rather then shove it down my throat in an attack of the munchies. using instant products normally is way quicker than using the real thing (i guess i never ever prepared vegetable stock for a dish, i always use the instant one!) - but in the case of this pudding "the real thing" is even quicker and muuuuuch much more delicious:

500 ml milk
4 tbsp starch
2 tbsp cocoa
3 tbsp sugar

01 mix starch and cocoa with the cold milk and bring to a boil while constantly stirring
02 add sugar shortly before the mixture starts to boil
03 remove from the stove as soon as it starts to bubble
04 thoroughly whisk for a few minutes (i used a hand blender) until the kokoa creme is cooling down
05 pour in little cups and sprinkle with some pistachios, flakes or any other garnish you like ...

great recipe, quick satisfaction for my sweet tooth!

homemade schokopudding

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angelika hat gesagt…

Hallo Gerda, ja damit hab auch ich unlängst Bekanntschaft gemacht. Nicht viel mehr Arbeit als Instant Pudding und um ein Vielfaches besser. Wenn Du mein Rezept vergleichen möchtest, Du findest es in meinem online cookbook unter "Old fashioned chocolate pudding". Liebe schokoladige Grüße angelika

mine hat gesagt…

Hallo Gerda, dein Pudding sieht sehr sehr lecker aus. Freut mich, dass er Dir geschmeckt hat:)
(Wir haben den gleichen Pudding auch mit pürierten Himbeeren gemacht und er ist so schön rosa geworden)

Liebe Grüße

phillyUKgirl hat gesagt…

Hi Gerda,
I used to have a similar recipe called Pudding in a Mug--the point of it was you put the ingredients into a mug and microwaved it for a bit, and hey presto! A mug of chocolate pudding for one. You might try experimenting with your recipe (amounts/microwave time) as it's one of the best instant 'baby food for adults' I know!