15. Juli 2006

steaming, baby!

though i am very inspired by all you fellow foodbloggers out there i am often turning to www.chefkoch.de when i have to make use of various "leftover" things in my kitchen. so i was again going through their files in order to find a recipe for my swiss chard. i was immediatley convinced that i need to combine it with fish and dill ... though dill is not my favorite herb (in fact, i stopped eating it when i was a teenager) i figured that since i had it in my veggie-box this week i could again try if i might like it today ... and i was surprised that i hadn't liked dill for so long, because it is the perfect herb for steamed fish&steamed veggies!

3 frozen pieces of cod
salt, pepper, nutmeg
200 ml vegetable stock
300 g swiss chard
150 g cremefin (or sour creme)
3 tbsp dill

01 heat vegetable stock in a wok
02 clean swiss chard and cut into smaller pieces if necessary (i like big chunks!)
03 place in wock, cover with a lid and steam for abtou 10 minutes
04 add the frozen pieces of cod and steam for another 15 minutes
05 when the fish is done take vegetables and fish out of the wok and set aside
06 add cremefin (or sour creme) to the stock, add dill, season to taste and reduce until the sauce is getting really creamy
07 arrange the swiss chard and the fish on a plate and drizzle with dillsauce

mangold im wok dünstenmangold und dorsch im wok dünstenmangold und dorsch im wok dünstendillsauce

dorsch mit mangold und dillsauce dorsch mit mangold und dillsauce

after posting my pictures to flickr i was a little worried, because a fellow flickr-user pointed out, that cod actually is on a greenpeace list for endangered species ... though i think too that it makes more sense to use ingredients from local producers rather than having your piece of fish shipped around the globe, i would have my troubles with using carp or trout in my everyday cooking. i take pity in the poor fish when i have to cut off their heads and take out their guts ... i'd rather have my dead animals without their actual heads, eyes and guts. if i'd have to kill animals myself in order to get my meat, i guess i would be a vegetarian ... or i would probably eat spiders, because these are the only creatures i don't hesitate to knock off (bah, disgusting thought ... but maybe, if i fry them, and with a little seasoning, they would not even taste bad at all *ggg*)

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