15. Oktober 2006

give me gebäck!

tomorrow is world bread day! oh yeah - bread, bread, a thousand times bread!

i am a big fan of bread in general, especially the gorgeous dark schwarzbrot, the tasty loaf of bauernbrot and first and foremost (for me at least) the beloved gebäck in every way, shape and form. while i could survive on bread only i am a big big fan of the austrian gebäck. the propper english translation seems to be pastry, but as an austrian i have to say this is not entirely what i mean by gebäck. the english word "pastry" would much rather be our feingebäck, the sweet strudel or the sweet tart. when we speak of gebäck, we mean savory tiny little breads. i guess you can much rather compare gebäck with scones or bread rolls. we often like to call this little piece of bread weckerl.

in any given bakery, even in the tiniest shop around the corner you can find a gigantic selection of those tiny little breads. in austria and southern germany the semmel is the king of tiny breads, while the rest of the german speaking world you would simply call it brötchen, the diminutive of bread. we have kaisersemmel, kornspitz, mohnflesserl, salzspitz, vintschgerl, wachauerweckerl, kipferl, grahamweckerl, kartoffelweckerl and a wide, wide range of kornweckerl - fitnessweckerl, kürbiskernweckerl, schusterlaibchen, müsliweckerl, sesamweckerl ... i could ramble on for a while :) i especially like the ones with salt, caraway seeds or the mini breadloafs made of rye and spelt.

world bread day
but my favorite gebäck of all is the good old mohnflesserl. a mohnflesserl is a traditional austrian gebäck, looking similar to a braided yeast bun. it is made from white bread dough, it is sprinkled with poppy-seeds and sometimes salt. i just love my mohnflesserl with poppy-seeds and salt. and while i also love it with jam, salami, cheese ... whatever! the best way to eat your mohnflesserl is with plain butter ...

but the task for bread day is to make bread yourself. what a challenge, because i have never made bread myself. so i went for groceries in order to buy flour, yeast, sour dough or whatever you need for making a decent loaf of bread. first off i needed to get inspired in my bookshop though. of course i did buy one of the bread books on display there ...

world bread day
although in the books it's described as "very easy" to make your own bread, i suddenly lost confidence. i thought i might need a few trials (and maybe errors?) in my bread baking adventures. i was strolling through the aisles of the supermarket and i suddenly lost all my will to make bread from scratch in fear of not succeeding. though my general cooking skills are pretty okay i thought i'd rather head to the aisle with the bread mixes. i have never used a mix for making bread either, but adding water should be something i'd be able to manage despite of my lost confidence in making bread from scratch ...

i am sorry if i have to disappoint you here, but i did not want to show you my flat, not risen and hard-as-stone bread for a blog event :) yeah. i am a coward, i know - i could always pass a flat austrian bread for tiroler schüttelbrot *g* ...

world bread day
so there you go. i am making bread, but i am faking it. i decided to take a brown bread mix, which would result in a kind of kornspitz-gebäck. i like kornspitz!

while it is easy to add water to the bread mix you still have to have some time on your hands. you have to let the dough rest for an hour, then form little buns or weckerl and let them rest for another 40 minutes. okay, fine with me. and i just prepared my first (fake)homemade bread! is there anything better than eating warm bread right out of the oven on a sunday morning?! i doubt it!

i need to keep this in mind if i ever have a boy over for a "pyjama party" :) i bet i can (also) seduce a man with my cooking skills on sunday mornings ... or i'll show him where the bread mix is and tell him to read the instructions - after all, the way to a womans heart is through her stomach too!

so check out the photos of my (still single) sunday adventure:

world bread day
read the instructions on your bread mix!

world bread day
add water and mix. knead for 8 minutes.

world bread day
let the dough rest for an hour.

world bread day
form little buns and let rest again for 40 minutes.

world bread day
make sure to add a little bowl of water in the oven when baking the bread.
bake on 230 °C for about half an hour.

world bread day
the purer the better, if you ask me!
but a little butter and a little bell pepper does not hurt either!

though i might take on the challenge of making bread from scratch i definitely need to have the breadmix in my kitchen cabinet from now on - whether if it's for myself, for mister right or for mister right now, i could easily get used to making my own bread on sunday mornings!

hey, thanks for listening to my debacheries!

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kathryn hat gesagt…

What a beautiful picture of all the breads on display. I've only spent a few days in Austria and that was about 10 years ago, but I remember the wonderful, wonderful breads. All those dark, seed-coated loaves, full of flavour and complexity, and with dense, meaty textures. Breads that had some purpose and backbone, as opposed to the insipid, spongy, white things available in supermarkets at home. I LOVED the bread and your photo has taken me right back!

Trig hat gesagt…

Photos so beautiful I want to eat my monitor. I've just got my new Nikon SLR with macro lens and will start posting some photos taken with it soon, I hope.

Cheers, Trig

vasilisa hat gesagt…

I can't believe it's your first bread! Looks perfect!

cookies_cream hat gesagt…

Wow, I didn't know there's a world bread day. The bread looked lovely. =)

chanit hat gesagt…

"Austrian Gebäck" are know as the Best goodies in the world, here is one of them , thank you ;)

Dani hat gesagt…

Oh how do I miss Austrian Bread :( Even though there is an Austrian Bakery here in Chicago, it is just not same like at home in Austria.

Great Blog!

yanqui mike hat gesagt…

Gerda! You rock! And you're CUTE, too!

"Bread, bread, a thousand times BREAD!"


Fernweher hat gesagt…

that last picture of the bread u baked looks delicious, like the biscuit is coated in a layer of sugar glaze. YUM...is that really a sugar glaze, or why does it have that white coating?