18. Oktober 2006

hazelnut-cocoa cream

in case you run out of nutella i have i nice little recipe for a similar spread for you! i silghtly modified one of the recipes i found in my new bread & spreads book. homemade stuff tastes so much better, it is amazing! especially if you are a sucker for cocoa like me (cocoa, not chocolate!) you have to try this one! so simple, soooooo fantastic!

haselnuss-kakao creme

60 g ground roasted hazelnuts
60 g soft butter
40 g cocoa
20 g sugar

01 put everything in a food processor or mix by hand until smooth
02 add sugar to taste.

i really adore the slightly bitter taste of cocoa, so i did only add two tablespoons. if you are a sweettooth you definitely need trice as much. i suppose this tastes good with maple sirup or brown sugar too!

haselnuss-kakao creme

okay, i agree, there is nothing like nutella, but this homemade spread is just as tasty and might be a good alternative every once in a while. i buy nutella maybe twice a year, but this spread might find its way onto my sunday breakfast table ...


Piperita hat gesagt…

Anyone who gives me a recipe for homemade nutalle is my goddess!!! And I will worship her for ever...
I will sure try it soon...

gemma hat gesagt…

wow! looks wonderful, i can't even think about the smell! my husband is nocilla-addict(nocilla=the spanish nutella), i'll have to try it!

nchenga hat gesagt…


i've added a cross-reference from the Nutella Alternatives group at Flickr