14. August 2007

four, encore!

trig tagged me for a meme which sounded pretty familiar to me ... so i grabbed my shovel and started to dig through my archives - indeed, i had done this one before a year ago! so today you'll get an updated version of this meme:

4 jobs I’ve had in my life:
no changes here, though i could add call center agent (*ugh*) to that list now!

  1. secretary
  2. programmer
  3. barkeeper
  4. artist
4 places I have lived:
wow, no changes here either!
  1. one year in london, england right after i graduated from commercial college
  2. two years in wels, upper austria because my first job was there
  3. a month in vienna, austria because i did not know what to do with my life
  4. and now for the last three years in linz, austria
4 places I have been on holiday:
cool, this question is new but ... uhm ... i have to admit that i am not a big holiday person. holiday means "relaxing at home". so, have i done anything spectacular? i don't really think so, what a shame!
  1. i was in praia da rocha near portimão in portugal right after graduation. a typical austrian ritual called "maturareise" where the only goal is to booze the time away with your soon to be ex-classmates. i remember the delicious food though since i was not into heavy drinking at all - okay, the odd beer every now and then, but mostly i remember avoiding the sun (my fair and frekled skin does not respond very well to hot hot heat!). so a few of us where always looking out for cheap places to eat delicious regional food - oh, and i remember drinking quite some port wine!
  2. alright, the flagship europe trip on the river danube two years ago was pretty cool. my class at university chartered and renovated a cargo ship, and went 2000 km on the river danube from linz to the black sea. i recently (re-)uploaded a few pictures, maybe you want to check them out?
  3. last year i spent a few days in london - a decade after my year as an au-pair i found that trip pretty spectacular too! a very nostalgic trip indeed!
  4. looks like i don't even have a 4th trip to share! sorry, that's it as far as big holidays are concerned! i've had lovely day trips with my though and we where talking about a longer getaway this summer ... gosh, i am a couple now ... and i am just starting to realise that!
4 of my favourite foods:
hey nice, that one was not in the meme last year either! i hope i can narrow my favorites down! they have changed quite a bit over the last couple of weeks since i completely altered my diet.
  1. one of my favorite foods still is roasted potatoes in every way, shape or form. i constantly invent new variations. actually, i just love love love anything with potatoes. really a-ny-thing!
  2. blueberries! i ate them a lot as a child and i sort of rediscovered them this summer. i always had some in my fridge the last couple of weeks - i just love fresh fruits and veggies now and always have plenty in my fridge - but blueberries are my favorite. they are just perfect for nibbling!
  3. just like trig before me i'd have to add our christmas meal to this list. it is not very spectacular, not even christmas-y, but totally loaded with memories. mama tried to make something different once, we all where devastated.
  4. a brandnew favourite is fish! it is not easy to get quality fish at a reasonable price here and i am just learning about various types of fish and preparations. i am sure i will get better at this, a few of my fish dishes have been merely disasters!
4 places I would rather be right now:
  1. it is not so much about "where" these days ...
  2. ... it is more about being with my . that's about it, really.
  3. but he is out of town for another week.
  4. i am not a clingy person but i'd rather have him here right now.
since i am not up to date with who had done this meme already i'd like to leave an open invitation - if you want to join in and do this meme too: go ahead, i'd love to read your answers!

trig, thanks for tagging me!

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