12. August 2007

stuff my belly? yes! and stuff the bell pepper too!

see that? i am really back to foodblogging now - with all that implies! only a few days into the rekindling of this foodblog-romance and i have quite some unpublished posts piling up on my blogger dashboard! i just can't make up my mind which one to finish first for crying out loud!

but i will definitely show you the yummie, the not so yummie, the experiments and the failed attempts ... and today, ladies and gentlemen you'll get another issue of the popular category "an attempt to (once again) save my precious organic produce from going to waste" ... that started out a little half-hearted but turned out surprisingly yummie!

thus said: i don't like bell peppers. i don't know what it is, because i don't hate them, i actually don't mind if i accidentally have a bite or two of a bell pepper. so i technically don't even dislike them ... i just don't eat them. whenever i find one in my farmbox i try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. i either give it away to my mum or my neighbours/friends or i boil it to a pulp and add it to my tomato sauce. i just can't put my finger on why i don't want to eat them. i try to figure that out every once in a while ... just like with this recipe here, that turned out surprisingly delicious, considered the unloved ingredients.

bell pepper stuffed with rice and mushrooms
since i am not eating much meat anymore i went for a vegetarin yet somewhat "meaty" version of the stuffed pepper.

cook 30 g of rice. you should end up with about 100 g to stuff the bell pepper with. set the rice aside when it is done.

gefüllte paprika
you end up with about 4 times as much rice once you cook it. interesting! i didn't know that!

cut the top of a bell pepper off and clean out the inside. this one is fairly large, so if you stick to the measurements i used you might as well be able to fill two regular sized peppers.

gefüllte paprika
rinse the pepper. in a saucepan, sauté some leek in a tbsp of olive oil. cut up 100 g oyster mushrooms and add them to the pan. fry them a little.

gefüllte paprika
add about 100 ml of cream or rama cremefine.

gefüllte paprika
now add the rice and mix well. season to taste with salt and pepper. fresh herbs would be nice too!

gefüllte paprika
stuff your pepper with this mixture. but
would you look at this mess? i am sure you can do this way better than me! place it in a fireproof dish and bake it for about 15-20 minutes on 180°c.

gefüllte paprika
i did not make any sauce for that dish, because i simply had no idea which taste would go nicely with bell pepper and mushrooms. i remember that we always had tomato sauce with a regular stuffed bell pepper when i was a kid. then again, those peppers back then where stuffed with lean ground beef.

do you have any suggestions on a nice sauce that would suit that recipe?

update: astrid suggested to enter this recipe in a foodblog event and i love to do that!

Garten-Koch-Event: Bell Peppers - Paprika


Tea hat gesagt…

You know, I don't like green peppers like that much either. I can eat them, just would prefer not to. But I like them if they are red or yellow, strange.

Glad to see you back and blogging!If you don't mind me asking, is the choice to avoid meat related to MS? I'm constantly weighing the eat meat or don't eat meat issue, so I am always curious why/how other people make their decisions. These days I'm in the mostly don't eat meat camp, with occasional forays across the line.

tschoerda hat gesagt…

hello tea - well, the decision to avoid meat is a little related to ms, yes!

i am currently researching various types of diets recommended for people with ms - but there are so many and i don't really know the facts behind all of them yet. and quite frankly i don't even want to follow a certain "dr.-clever-said-this-10-years-ago"-diet. i want to find out which vitamins, minerals and fats are important for me. why should i eat pills and supplements if i can eat fresh veggies/fruits/lean meat and get all i need?

let me quote something here: "The incidence of MS varies from country to country. It seems to be lower where polyunsaturated fats are eaten in preference to saturated. Scientific research has shown that those who followed the healthy eating plan carefully had fewer, less severe relapses. General health either improved or stayed the same."

some studies of diets and supplements even promise a complete standstill of the disease. of course, other studies say that you can do absolutely nothing. bummer!

i know ms can not be healed by a healthy diet but i just want to be in better shape when the next relaps hits. other ms-patients at my hospital recently told me that you too can somewhat control ms if you stick to certain foods. and only if it makes me feel better and i am less tired i think i've already won!

that basically means that i keep my hands off processed food. i completely stopped eating convenience food when i was diagnosed. instead i eat as much fresh food, organic produce and whole grain as i can. i certainly don't want to flood my body with those e-numbers, aspartame and monosodium glutamate!

i am pretty surprised that i don't even cheat - sure, i sneak the odd tablespoon of nutella from time to time - but not every day anymore, maybe every month now ...

right now i just want to feel good, get in shape, maybe loose some weight and be more active. i am SURE i can make a difference!

clumsy hat gesagt…

I love your blog!
And this recipe in particular--I'm always looking for vegetarian dishes as my friend Alex is vegetarian and I try and cook with him weekly. Thank you!

burekaboy — hat gesagt…

hey gerda :)) that looks great and perfect for summer. have you tried using hollowed out tomatoes also?

Astrid, Kashim & Othello hat gesagt…

Oh - I like your non meat variation of the stuffed pepper dish of my childhood days. It looks very tasty and I certainly would like to try it 'though I don't like to eat bell peppers either dunno why but I don' like em.
I won't mind if they come across in a dish I am served but I won't pick them myself as a main ingredient of any of my dishes... weird eh?!

Speaking of bell peppers, you dish would be a perfect contribution to the current round of the garden-cook-event maybe you wanna join?

Tea hat gesagt…

Gerda--this is really interesting, thanks for the detailed answer. Like you, I too am trying to figure out what works for me and my particular health issues. Good luck to us both!