11. Dezember 2007

crooked hazelnut macaroons drowned in chocolate

crooked hazelnut macaroons drowned in chocolate
crooked hazelnut macaroons drowned in chocolate
beat one egg white with a pinch of salt until stiff. gradually add 30 g of sugar, keep beating constantly. fold in 30 g ground and roasted hazelnuts. spoon on wafers on a baking sheet and bake in preheated oven at 180 °c for about 20 minutes. place on a rack and let the macaroons cool.

crooked hazelnut macaroons drowned in chocolate
i am steering clear of many processed foods these days. the (radical) changes in my diet with a focus on MS-related nutrition had a pretty positive effect on my body. i feel stronger and more active and i lost quite a few inches around my waist - i had to buy an entire new wardrobe this winter because not a single pair of pants from this spring fits anymore. not keeping groceries like white sugar in my pantry these days (if any, i use brown sugar instead) is quite a handicap when it comes to christmas baking. i still have to figure out how to make all those gorgeous and sugary xmas-kekse without going completely overboard on the healthy ingredients.

lots and lots of sugar, chocolate and grease are mandatory in xmas-keksen, i could never abandon that! as you can see, my new nourisment is not completely radical! using only spelt, whole wheat or/and honey would probably be a mistake - as a child i could detect "healthy" christmas candy blindfolded - and i would never eat it! healthy baking still tastes good, but i didn't quite get the knack of that yet. so i better stick to what i know and love!

crooked hazelnut macaroons drowned in chocolate
crooked hazelnut macaroons drowned in chocolate
but this first attempt in christmas baking was almost a disaster, mostly traditional ingredients and all ... my macaroons where pretty asymmetric and much too brown when i pulled them out of the oven so i decided to cover them in chocolate - entirely - instead of just the bottoms. tastes yummie and covers up my botched work - what more do i need? turns out, only a good cup of tea! thank god i bought a tea-advent calendar again this year, how kitschy am i?!

yes, very.


Phreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek hat gesagt…


cavacavien hat gesagt…

hiiiiiiiiiiiii !! did you bake them too long? anyway you could taste some of them, not too bad ;)

oh i have something to tell you, i'll bake your holiday cookies again(which was uploaded for christmas, last year!!),yes those were soooooo good:D

Anonym hat gesagt…

Wonderful to hear from you again! And of course that things are going better now.

tschoerda hat gesagt…

yes, welcome back, people!

Rosa's Yummy Yums hat gesagt…

Those macaroons look very yummilicious!

I'm happy to hear from you again and to know that things are going better!

Cheers and happy holidays!


BLTP hat gesagt…

Hi, a really great post. Sorry to be precise but how hot was the oven?
Have Happy Christmas

tschoerda hat gesagt…

oh, i did forget the °c !! thanks for reminding me, i'll add it right away!

BLTP hat gesagt…

Thanks I'll try them out ;)

rdamstra hat gesagt…

Hazelnut and chocolate has to be my favoritist flavor combo ever. Your macs look delicious!