11. Dezember 2007

it looks like life has its own way of taking care of things

let me give you another quick update, since once again things have turned around pretty unexpectedly for me! your comments and emails gave me so much perseverance and hope and it looks like this stamina paid off!

yes, i am still single. while i was heartbroken for quite a while it turned out to be okay in the end. life goes on. after all, i am used to function better on my own because i am not so distracted! more room for food-blogging and adjusting my camera while munching my food! after all, this is dinner for one!
i also found a very cool job as a marketing assistant (where i am mostly pushing around pixels in graphic programs) and i am also back at university, and that is the most unexpected thing of all!
when i applied for a student grant in september things where not looking good at all, i honestly thought i will never again go to university because i simply can't afford it. i had already made my peace with it, i was looking for full time jobs - and two days after i got this incredible part time thing in marketing i got the news from my advisor that she recalculated my file again ... and it turns out that i actually am eligible for a scholarship after all! i tell you, this truly is a miracle!

while all these thoughts about my uncertain future at first caused quite some inner turmoil and quite some sleepless nights with the disease flaring up again too it finally looks like i hit the ground running!

look forward my friends, this will not be my only post today! i will go grocery shopping after university later today and i plan to treat myself to some christmassy sweetness!


Trig hat gesagt…

I'm so pleased to hear the good news. Look after yourself and keep on keeping on.

kate hat gesagt…

Hi Gerda--

It's Kate, from the Mexican/Austrian food swap last spring. I'm sorry you had some sleepless nights, but I am so glad that things are working themselves out!

It's funny...sometimes I wonder if we have parallel lives, because I was also heartbroken and then went back to university this year! Congratulations on your return, and on your new exciting job!

Merry Christmas, and I hope 2008 is a smoother year for us both! (Also, if you would like to do another food swap in the new year, just let me know!)