22. Mai 2008

great. now my laptop breaks down.


now that i finally manage to scrape the money together for my recent dental work (the option was *NO FRONT TOOTH!*) my stupid laptop breaks down! so i might be offline for a while. and i even made pictures of a recent meal for [dinner for one], damn!!

do you have too much money?
do you want to buy me a pc?


it's pretty shameless to pump you for gadgets, i know.
but i am also broke and a little sad right now.


Andrew Clarke hat gesagt…

I'll contribute, if others will. Here's my suggestion. Pick a computer you want, and post the cost. All your fans can kick in a bit of cash, and soon you'll have a new box!

We could set something up on pledgebank, or just do it here. Amazon gift certificates might work as a way to make it happen.

Trig hat gesagt…

There are 4,137 laptops currently on offer on eBay from as little as about 120 euros. Find something and post an account with PayPal or something as Andrew suggests.

tschoerda hat gesagt…

i actually posted this blog in the heat of the moment and i feel kind of silly now - i was just so devestated because my machine crashed! i did not want to sponge you off, i guess i just needed a little pity because of all that hardware failure.

i am just glad i got out of this sudden crash with very little data being lost!

the laptop is working (for now) - i need still to buy a decent device for a home office solution, the laptop will probably die for good in a couple of weeks and i even might be able to affort a desktop pc in the near future!