15. Mai 2008

top 10 pictures

celine of black.salt tagged me! sure, she is totally stroking my ego, because she's actually inviting me to show off my top 10 pictures ... "yes of course", says my ego, "we'll do that!" so i head over to my flickr-account to check out what other people think are my best pictures. most of them are my fav's also! wow, i already forgot so many of the delicious foods i made! and i feel a little bit stupid for abandoning my blog for so long ... plus, my ego just tells me: "gerda, we will *never* narrow our favorite pictures down to just ten!" ;) well, i'll give it a try, okay?

10 hokkaidokürbissuppe mit zucchini

hokkaidokürbissuppe mit zucchini
09 würzig marinierte sardinen

würzig marinierte sardinen
08 buckwheat
(i'll always love this photo. my foodblog started out with these buckwheat-pix!)

07 rindsuppe mit grießnockerl (semolina dumplings in broth)

rindsuppe mit grießnockerl (semolina dumplings in broth)
06 australische nationalfeiertagscookies ... oder so

australische nationalfeiertagscookies ... oder so ...
05 orangenmarmelade

04 putenschnitzen / bauerntoast-style

putenschnitzen / bauerntoast-style
03 crumpets!

02 knoblauchcremesuppe

01 ricotta pancakes with fruit on top

ricotta pancakes with fruit on top
wow, that's really tough! i can't decide, i cant't decide!! now:

1. post 10 of your own favourite food shots
2. pass the opportunity on to others by tagging 5 fellow food bloggers, leaving a message on their comments page just so they’re aware of it.
after my absence i might be a little out of touch with the foodie world, so i leave this tag open. feel free to show me your top 10 pictures, my friend!

please leave a comment here if you like to join and show off!


Celine Asril of Black.Salt hat gesagt…

yay! welcome back gerda!
these are stunning - I totally picked the right person! (hee. stroking my own ego now)

Rosa's Yummy Yums hat gesagt…

Great to see you blogging again! A great choice of pictures!



Trig hat gesagt…

Always good to see you back posting. What about the winking soup?

tschoerda hat gesagt…

my food is winking?!