11. Juni 2009


now that food blogging has become very trendy and many of the bloggers out there are having book deals and all i am very proud to announce that i will have something pretty special coming up too!

i will be showing 40 of my food pictures in a gallery.

i am very proud that i have the opportunity to show my work in a friend's art gallery. though i am not a high-profile food blogger at all dinner for one has had a good run so far, don't you think? and i am in my 5th year already, can you believe this?

granted, i am not as active as i was in the early years, but i am sure i will not put dinner for one asleep just yet. somehow i think there are a few more years of munching ahead!

* i don't want to show you the pictures just yet, my friend! i'll post them here once they are up in the gallery, because i guess most of you will not be able to drop by in person :) so be patient!


Rosa's Yummy Yums hat gesagt…

Wow, congratulations! I'm so happy for you!



maybelle's mom hat gesagt…

congrats. that is very nice.

Christian hat gesagt…

wo ist diese Ausstellung zu sehen?

tschoerda hat gesagt…

mediensalon.at / wimhölzelstrasse 23 / 4020 linz

Trig hat gesagt…

Brilliant. You must be really excited about this.