26. Juni 2009

precision work

es war sehr sehr schön, und es hat mich wirklich aussergewöhnlich gefreut, euch alle dort zu sehen! :-*
the opening of my exhibition was yesterday.
it was just wonderful!

i also had a live stream running and it is now archived, if you want to check it out.
but honestly: you just had to be there!

and i'm still overwhelmed by the responses i got! usually i am pretty humble when it comes to me being an artist and i cant even imagine that people take an interest in what i do. though i am loudmouthed, i don't really have *balls* :D yesterday was the perfect mixture of the artsy-fartsy i want to be sometimes and the authenticity i stand for, generally. it was so great to see my friends there and my family too. my mama even made her delicious potato spread for the buffet, everyone loved it! it was a nice culinary experience, as i got a pot of meat from the local kebap vendor too. i want people to come together over food!

i can't even begin to describe how i loved that evening yesterday!


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Rosa's Yummy Yums hat gesagt…

Congrats! That's so great!



Trig hat gesagt…

Congratulations. All any of us need is belief in ourselves.