31. Juli 2009

now, will this even work?

okay. this was an impulse purchase. i was at this little indian shop near my home and i bought about everything that looked good to me. but how do i open a bloody coconut?

no idea!

wer hat die kokosnuss geklaut?
yes, i will get my hammer. that is never a mistake.

wer hat die kokosnuss geklaut?
i better make a few holes and drain the liquid.
it will be messy anyway but it might be a little less messy if i bash in an empty coconut.

wer hat die kokosnuss geklaut?
okay, this worked quite well.
i might even succeed with my coconut project!

wer hat die kokosnuss geklaut?
how do i proceed now?!
aber "wie öffnet man eine kokosnuss?"
thank god for google!

after a few strikes i have a breakthrough!
a little less than 2 minutes!
it is a little skewed, i grant, but i am absolutely amazed!
that was so easy!

wer hat die kokosnuss geklaut?
all in all it took me less than 5 minutes to tackle my first coconut!

some people are taken aback by the taste because a coconut is not as sweet as your regular bounty bar, but still - i should embark upon such culinary adventures more often!

wer hat die kokosnuss geklaut?
i am very proud of myself for even buying such a little monstrosity ... bring on the plantain now!

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Mmmhhh, a real delight!