31. Dezember 2006

lime coconut fudge

or: how to make your own homemade bounty bar!

i found the recipe over at is that my buréka? and i thought it was a bit weird at first that you would actually use a potato in a confection sweet. but it just sounded just too good not to try. i have no idea how these little babies should taste, but with my bountybar fantasy in mind i figured i just try to make bite sized minibars.

30 g mashed potato
150 g icing sugar
60 g unsweetened dried coconut shreds
1 tbsp lime zest
150 g milk chocolate

i'm suggesting you turn to burekaboy for the original recipe (because i think i went a little coo-coo on the recipe) and i'll present my little photo lovestory over here:

homemade bounty bar (or lime coconut fudge)

homemade bounty bar (or lime coconut fudge)

homemade bounty bar (or lime coconut fudge)

homemade bounty bar (or lime coconut fudge)

homemade bounty bar (or lime coconut fudge)

homemade bounty bar (or lime coconut fudge)

homemade bounty bar (or lime coconut fudge)
store the coconut/lime/chocolate-bits in an airtight container in the fridge.
... or better yet: store them in your belly!

homemade bounty bar (or lime coconut fudge)
and i have to admit: they taste exactly like my favorite chocolate bar!

maybe austrian potatos are different, but i had to use more sugar and much less dried coconut shreds. i also was very surprised that the potato turned all liquid once i added the sugar (apparently because of the potato's starch). they also did not have any peppermint extract at my local supermarket, so i added twice as much lemon zest (if i could marry lemon zest, i probably would! yumm-mmmiiieeee!!). maybe i screwed up the recipe after all, i am always shilly-shally about converting between metric and imperial system. i hate that and its really stupid since i actually am a total tech girl ... but burekaboy suggested a useful tool for all my future cooking conversions!

i absolutely love those little mini bars taken from the delicious peppermint & lime coconut fudge. that recipe is definitely a keeper! i might gain a few kilos if i keep making this candy and all my teeth will fall out eventually - but believe me, it's totally worth it!

and with this last post of 2006 i want to thank you all for stopping by from time to time!

it has been a great year for me and i have made a couple of great friends with my little foodblog! i hope you had a good year too and 2007 is getting even better!

i wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy 2007!

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burekaboy — hat gesagt…

tschoerda! they look perfect!! :) i am glad they taste like your beloved bounty bars! you know, i think you could even have used crushed up peppermint candy canes from christmas with the coconut. also the type of chocolate you use affects the final results. some like milk chocolate, others dark.

as for the conversions, you're right that converting between imperial and metric can sometimes be tricky. the basic rule of thumb for this recipe is more icing (powdered sugar) and less shredded coconut. as i always make it "by eye", the measurements i gave were approximate. you know if you are on the right track by the textural change in the first stage of mixing the potato with the icing sugar. as you saw, it didn't look like it was going to work in the beginning but it does actually turn into something yummy.

in any case, i love your little chocolates and hope, if you share them, others will too. let me know!!

the happiest and sweetest of new years. looking forward to seeing your food for new years!