1. Januar 2007

thank you & a question

did a fellow foodpage with a million hits a day link to my humble site and thus share some of the success - or what is going on here? 31.12.2006 has been the busiest day so far on this blog! page views where shooting up and i've had almost twice as many visitors than before! oh man, i am really excited about that and i want to thank you again for visiting :) you certainly made my day! i totally consider this good luck for 2007 :)

but this first post in 2007 is not about cooking, eating or anything else food-related. i want to ask you something: how do you keep track of your (food)blogs? maybe you noticed the blogroll in the sidebar, that's my only archive at the moment - well, i am not really satisfied with that blogroll and i am looking for another way to file my bookmarks online. how do you handle the overwhelming amount of fantastic foodblogs? there must be a better way - tagging, storing in folders, maybe rss ... whatever! i'd love to sort foodies by country.

do you also store your links online or do you keep track in the favorites of your browser?
do you have any tips or suggestions for me?
your help would be appreciated!


burekaboy — hat gesagt…

wow, tschoerda, that's good news for 2007! a good sign, i'd say.

i have started to keep mine in sites like de.icio.us (there are many others) to keep my links and bookmarks organized. if ever in the event my computer crashes, they are saved online somewhere. you also have the choice to make your links available publically or not.

continued success and good food for the new year. your blog is great :P thanks for adding me to your list, btw and trying out the recipe i posted with a mention of my site. :)

gemma hat gesagt…


I'm absolutely in love with MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD to read my blogs :-)

I also tried http://www.bloglines.com, the advantage is that is on the web and you can check your blogs from wherever.

Best regards

Marc hat gesagt…

I like Bloglines for reading and organizing blog feeds. It has folders, a handy "subscribe" button, and many other features that I have yet do discover.

tschoerda hat gesagt…

i just checked out bloglines, and it seems to be quite the thing i was looking for! thank you for the tip!