5. Januar 2007

day five

i am invited to a gorgeous brunch at my friends' place and i did not really want to bug them with my camera. so i sneaked a picture of the table and we chit-chatted and gossipped instead during brunch. i'll give you the things i consumed in writing though:

01 cafe latte
02 müsli
03 half a banana
04 bread and mozzarella
05 bread and jam
06 water
07 a pear
08 water
09 yoghurt, a pear, cinnamon and honey
10 water
11 a good old wurstbrot! jause rocks!
12 water
13 coffee
14 black coffee at work - not very good
15 water
16 mohnflesserl with gouda

i really should cook more. but the weekend is coming, i'm staying positive :)


Trig hat gesagt…

My cat eats more than that each day. You'll get ill if you don't start feeding properly!

tschoerda hat gesagt…

i suppose my appetite is not yet back in full gear after all ... i am also surprised that i do not eat/drink more than lousy 16 items a day!

but it's saturday now and i have two days off. i am definitely more in the mood for cooking when i am cosy at home :)