4. Januar 2007

day four

01 i overslept. so no coffee in the morning. water at my desk instead
02 a tangerine
03 water and almost falling asleep
04 lye finger roll
05 the office is out of coffee, so more water.
06 dürüm kebap while window shopping in the afternoon
07 apple juice and still roaming the streets of linz
08 a few bites of chocolate
09 and finally a coffee
10 pasta with swiss chard and onion
11 i'm thirsty. i need water
12 sure, eat all the chocolate. you know you want it. go ahead.
i always finish my day with water

i hardly ever drink anything else besides water. whenever i have a craving for coke or sprite or any other soft drink (like twice a year) one sip usually will satisfy my desire. but i like apple juice. grape juice or black currant juice is also great - but only in summer.

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I want a lye finger roll :(