6. Januar 2007

my personal top 10

i have been tagged by zorra to join the best of 2006 meme. it is not an easy task, but i finally managed to narrow my personal favorites of the last year down to just ten recipes ... wanna see? there you go!

number one just has to be the fantastic lime coconut fudge! no doubt about it!

i saw ainsley harriot make ricotta pancakes on one of his shows. they looked so divine, i had to find a recipe to make some myself!

cooking a pumpkin for the first time this year! the pumpkin soup with zucchini tasted incredible and i've made it a couple of times already!

i discovered so many new tastes and textures this year because of the lovely farm box i get delivered to my porch every week. the parsnip probably was the most surprising vegetable and the parsnip au gratin was just delicious!

god, i am such a fan of soups! i tend to make the same soups over and over, but the lentil soup with roasted bacon was really outstanding!

i always thought making pudding from scratch was difficult. why on earth did i think that?! it's so quick and easy - and oh, did i forget to say delicious?

the green nockerl with mozzarella clearly where an experiment. and while not every experiment in my kitchen turns out okay this one is definitely a keeper!

garlic soup from scratch is definitely a staple dish in my kitchen!

i tend to stick to the tastes i know and like when it comes to trying out new recipes. the coconut soup was all about brand new flavours - and to my big surprise it worked out really well!

oh, the colorful layers of savoy cabbage where divine! adjusting something i've known for years and making my very own dish out of it has got to be my hobby number one since i started my food blog!

i know you always have to invite people to join a food blog meme, but i think i like to leave this invitation open: everyone should scan their archives! it is totally interesting to rediscover recipes you've already almost forgotten about! and it is harder than you think to limit your favorites to only ten!

so join in the fun, my foodblogging friend!


Bina hat gesagt…

Apart from the recipes themselves - the pictures are absolutely wonderful!

Trig hat gesagt…

I hope you're not planning to go from one extreme to the other and eat all this lot in one day. Send some over here.

tschoerda hat gesagt…

well i better swing into that direction. screening everything i ate led me to believe i might have an eating disorder.

or maybe just a totally busy week.