3. Januar 2007

day three

01 a fruity start with leftovers of my farm box ... plus yoghurt and weetabix and honey
02 water
03 coffee
04 water, now at work
05 a lousy baguette with salami and cream cheese - note to self: never buy that again
06 a teeny tiny tangerine
07 awful work coffee. but i am almost falling asleep.
08 more water
09 a pear
10 water
11 i did not drink enough today, so more water please
12 turkey, salad, peppers all wrapped up, an adequate compensation for the baguette
13 some fair trade chocolate that was in the mail today. sent by my newspaper
14 water to finish the day

only a few snacks today ... damn, and i wanted to cook more often! well, that's not happening so far, folks!

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wheresmymind hat gesagt…

That sure is a lot of water!