2. Januar 2007

day two

01 morning coffee
02 water at my desk at work
03 terrible coffee at work
04 lye finger roll for breakfast
05 water - and still at work
06 more water, because water is good for you!
07 a banana
08 an apple while waiting for the tramway
09 a peanutcreme and chocolate bar. for my blood sugar :)
10 and water again
11 dinner, the chickpea-goulash
12 water, yes
13 and another coffee
14 an orange
15 half a pack of kettle vinegar chips while catching up on my daily online reads

my perception is shifting already.
i always thought i'd drink too little and i'd eat too much.

apparently i don't, really.

1 Kommentar:

vasilisa hat gesagt…

Your mouth is pretty lucky! And the chickpea dish looks absolutely inviting :-)