7. Januar 2007

day seven, finally done

01 coffee
02 bread and jam
03 water
04 cauliflower with a cheese and garlic sauce
05 water
06 cafe latte
07 kiwi
08 a wurstbrot
09 water
10 hot chocolate
11 a tiny tangerine
12 wasabi coated peas, i think i am addicted!
13 water

well, i am finally done with photographing my food and my drinks. and i tell ya, it honestly has become some sort of a pain in the ***. i was really discouraged at times because my daily routine is really really dull. that never occured to me.

when i started this thing, i really thought that i had something to show this week. and honestly, i also wanted to show off a little and cook all those delicious and pretty things for you to see. as far as that is concerned, things did not work out the way i planned and the list of things i ate is rather pathetic.

so instead of showing off i better stick to the things i like and know best in the future: cook a little something and take a few pictures for you to see ... on the other hand i also learned something (of course, you always learn something in every experience!) ... my diet is really monotone. i might want to try out something new every once in a while!

and another thing: i want to include my friends a little more by not always cooking for one but making regular size meals and share them with them. i am known to be sort of an eremite, and they all respect that. but i have four of my lovely friends living right here in my building, and sharing some time (and food!) over the last week made it all the more clear that i need to have them in my life more often. so that's another resolution i want to make for 2007. serve them something nice maybe once a week? that would be cool.

yeah, this week was not so bad :)


burekaboy — hat gesagt…

wasabi peas = true love :)

Pamela hat gesagt…

would love some crumpets right now for breakfast!

Dolce hat gesagt…

I'm totally addicted to the wasabi peas, too ...they're really worth it!