17. Dezember 2006

a heavenly combination: apple / cinnamon / semolina

my sick stomache is slowly recovering and i want to thank you all for your kind words! right now i am having my first coffee in over a week (and i am usually a total coffee person). i am taking little sips of heaven! coffee is divine!

regarding all your tips about a stomache-friendly dish i decided to go with a sweet one (lacking a soup hen) for a start. so i am preparing a big pot of a sweet porridge-style semolina dessert. i am making it not too sweet though. i still need to give my belly a break and i don't want to kickstart my digestion - baby steps, everyone! because i learned from experience that bowel cramps are no piece of cake!

mmmmh ..... cake! but no, silly me! let me get back to my semolina-dish instead!

as a child i was not a big fan of semolina, although it is a big part of bavarian and bohemian (hence mühlviertler) cuisine. whenever we would have a main dish made of semolina little gerda would go on strike! like a little suppenkaspar i'd yell "i hate semolina! i HATE semolina" ... and i would run straight to my room and pout all day long. or at least until supper.

do you know the suppenkaspar? it is a story in the (very cruel!) german children's book struwwelpeter. oh yes, i hated that book too! die geschichte vom suppen-kaspar (the story of augustus who did not have any soup) begins as kaspar, a healthy, strong boy, proclaims that he will no longer eat his soup. over the next five days he wastes away and dies. VERY questionable stories for little children, if you ask me ...

again, i am drifting off! now let me really get back to my semolina-dish! it is easy, quick, and it tastes really good. and above all it totally soothes my stomach.

grießpudding apfel/zimt

30 g semolina
300 ml milk
50 g yoghurt
1 apple
  1. core, peel and dice an apple and cook in a little water until tender. add cinnamon and mash the pieces up when they're done

    grießpudding apfel/zimt: apple sauce

  2. in a small saucepan, stir together milk and sugar (as much as you may like, i took one teapoon) and bring to a boil 

  3. immediately remove from the heat 

  4. stir in semolina and return to the stove

  5. bring to a boil over medium heat and stir until thickened

    grießpudding apfel/zimt

  6. remove from heat again and stir in the yoghurt

    grießpudding apfel/zimt: + yoghurt

  7. pour in a bowl and top with the apple sauce
(serves one person)

the yoghurt adds a fresh touch to the dish, but you can skip the yoghurt altogether if you like.
grießpudding apfel/zimt
semolina - friend or foe? i can see why i changed my mind- semolina is just too delish!


burekaboy — hat gesagt…

foe. i HATE semolina for the most part when it is like a cereal.i don't mind it when i use it for baking and stuff like that. but i also can't stand slimy things like oatmeal and okra. yuk. in spite of this, your dish looks VERY good, tschoerda!

i see you also changed your blog! nice :)

Scott at Real Epicurean hat gesagt…

Eek! I always hated semolina as a child and have been scared to try it since!

burekaboy — hat gesagt…

forgot to say, so many of those german stories have REALLY mean and terrifying characters doing horrible things to kids. rosa (of rosa's yummy yums) reminded me of this story of herr schmutzli i remember from when i was small. crazy stuff. what's wrong with bambi -- isn't that a german kids tale?? lol.

tschoerda hat gesagt…

actually, walt disney's bambi is based on a story by austrian author felix salten. he sold the rights and did not see a cent from wald disney ... honestly - i have never watched the movie, how sad is that?!

i was really terrified by all those brutal stories with "moral values" too! as a child i just loooooved the stories of the brothers grimm. i still have my yellowed book of fairytales in my shelf today and from time to time i read a few stories. i will definitely read those to my children one day.

as far as this dish here is concerned: i only started eating gooey semolina last winter! i accidentally bough a chocolate flavoured pudding made of semolina.

at first i was reluctant to eat this stuff, but then again i did not want to throw it away. i think the chocolate flavour made it a lot easier for me to force down this slime ...

i know exactly how you feel about these textures in one's mouth! i usually need semolina or oatmeal accompanied by at least twice as much other stuff (in this case - apple sauce)!

Pamela hat gesagt…

Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery!! I LOVE semolina and the combination of apple and cinnamon is always a winner!!

TriniGourmet hat gesagt…

I love cornmeal porridge done Jamaican style when my tummy is acting up :) Is semolina what Cream of Wheat is made of, I wonder? I think it is... if so I love it :D Never thought of adding fruit though, must try that! :)