21. November 2005

"gebrannte mandeln" with vanilla flavour

every year around christmas i am really really into vanilla.
german speaking girls, help me out on this one: is there an english word for "gebrannte mandeln"?

you only get this sort of candy/pastry this time of year on the christkindlmarkets.
the scent of the almonds enwrap all of the marketplace and it already feels like christmas.
they smell so incredibly delicious and they taste like little pieces of heaven.


Paz hat gesagt…

I love the smell of vanilla!


Winslow hat gesagt…


A friend of mine who knows German tells me that "gebrannte mandeln" translates as "roasted almonds." Literally, it means "burned almonds," as in "burned over the coals."

Hope this helps. They sound delicious!

Melissa CookingDiva hat gesagt…

Your cookies look beautiful! :) Hugs from Panama!

Nadia hat gesagt…

This may come a few years too late now, but maybe better late than never. Gebrannte Mandeln are burnt almonds in English.

Your blog is great and has a lot of very good recipes I am now tempted to try as well. Thanks for sharing!