22. November 2005

a little off topic - i am planning a trip to london

yesterday my baby sister (she's working on a foodblog too!) paid me a visit.

we where in a pretty reminiscent mood, talking about our time in london and how we both loved it there. she was the only one of my family who paid me a visit when i lived there and i in return visited her when she was working at the austrian centre a few month later.

london really is our big big thing. so yesterday - out of nowhere - suddenly the question popped up:

why not go?

we are both finally (after like 8 years!) in a position where we just could book a flight and spend a few days in our beloved city. whenever we where dreaming about another londontrip before one of us was either broke, too busy or most of the time both.

so now we are seriously shifting commitments to spend some days in london. maybe around new years? however, we are very excited.

where will we stay?
will we have enough time to go all the places we planned?
should we leave our creditcards at home or shop till we drop?

so many questions, so much more to figure out ...

can't wait!
can't wait!!

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