29. September 2006

bite me!

this expression is a bit vulgar in english, isn't it? calm down, i do not mean to be rude, i just want to invite you to take a bite of my brussels sprouts, butternut squash and potatoes on skewers :) because in german "bite me" is much rather translated to "take a bite of me" or "taste me" - so it actually an invitation rather than an insult.

there you go. i was again very inspired by one of johannas recent posts and i decided to get myself some skewers and enter fall season here in austria with a little remembrance of summer and lovely nights out on the terrace barbecuing with friends. it is still lovely and warm outside, but you certainly can feel that winter is coming around again ... well, at least autumn. the children are passing me on their way to school again when i head for work in the mornings, and university will start again next week.

fall is my favorite season. i kick horse-chestnuts out of my way, i hop and skip a lot everywhere i walk and i even love it if i have to skip over puddles on rainy and misty days. i like to buy new pencils and beautiful moleskine notebooks in september, because fall has always marked a fresh new start for me. i am at university again, so stocking up for a new semester kind of makes sense. but even in the seven years i spent in different offices working for various companies i always got excited in fall. i went out and bought fresh new things for the office almost as if i was starting another semester in school. i am not nearly as excited about spring, you know? and it's not just because i just loooooove the vegetables of fall.

nicht mal so spießig ...

200 g butternut squash
12 brussels sprouts
3 potatoes

01 preheat your oven to 200 °C
02 peel and roughly cut butternut squash into bite size
03 cut each potato in 4 pieces
04 assemble veggies alternately on skewers and place on a baking tray
05 drizzle with oil and sprinkle with rosemary
06 bake for 20-30 minutes
07 serve as a side dish to meat or as a main course with a light yoghurt sauce on the side
nicht mal so spießig ...


payal hat gesagt…

Those skewers look awesome!

chili&vanilia hat gesagt…

wow, this looks so delicious!Zsofi

evan hat gesagt…

such beautiful skewers! you take very nice photos :)

Nandita hat gesagt…

You have a beautiful blog Linz - first blogger from Austria that Ive seen around, seen some 'Austrians' though! SHall be around - you take nice pictures too!

Jeanne hat gesagt…

What a great idea! And perfect for a BBQ when yuo have vegetarian guests. Damn - what a pity winter has arrived, but I'm sure they'll taste great under the grill too :-)