5. April 2007

the 5th day

gründonnerstag!! yeah!!
this has been my traditional maudy thursday meal for the last 30 years ... well, this is how i remember it anyway. and i think everybody in austria is eating this today. you see, in german maudy thursday is "green thursday". and though i am not particularly religious in a roman catholic way the holy week leading to easter has always been one of my favorite catholic holidays. to me, it still is even more special than christmas. maybe it is because of all the spring awakening and nature getting back in bloom ... i always especially liked that all the bells of a church are rung for a last time on maudy thursday and they then remain silent until easter sunday.

because what i really liked about those few days was that there is this very rural tradition of "ratschen" where i was brought up. it pretty much translates to "rattle". a ratsche is a very noisy (not quite musical) instrument and it is used during christian processions from maudy thursday to easter sunday. little kids make as much noise as possible with this instrument in order to replace the bells that have flown to rome. as a child, i always thought that was literally true. but how could bells fly themselves, i wondered ... i think i was a naive child :D (or maybe i was just plain dumb back then!)

up to this day i really like the rememrance of us kids running around the village where my grandparents lived and being as noisy as we could. most of the time we where told to be quiet and behave well ... around easter we where told to run around and be noisy - how fun is that, huh??! very often we even got easter eggs and chocolate from the neighbours ... it was a bit like going trick or treat-ing, now that i think of it ...

though this tradition is not practiced where i live today (after all, this is a city and not a village or a small town) i fondly remember it and i can't wait to get home this weekend and admire the noisy children all around town ...

on the more culinary subject of gründonnerstag i think i am going to eat what has been on my plate for 30 years on that green day: spinach, fried egg (sunny side up) and fried potatoes. it is a lovely culinary tradition, so why break with it? one exception though: instead of a frozen cube of creamspinach i am going to use fresh spinach this time. i have some lovely spinach in my farmbox this week, so i just go ahead and use that to make the cream spinach myself.

gründonnerstag!! yeah!!
gründonnerstag!! yeah!!

i blanched 300 g of spinach and let the water drip off completely
i put the blanced leaves in a food processor and mashed them up
i made a roux / bechamel sauce:
  1. i melted 50 g of butter
  2. i added 2 tbsp of flour
  3. i poured in 250 ml of cremefine
    (the sauce will thicken as you bring it to a boil, just like a bechamel sauce)
i added the minced spinach and i was bringing it to a boil again
i seasoned it with a clove of garlic and some nutmeg

gründonnerstag!! yeah!!
voila, home made cream spinach!
nothing on earth is better than that.
gründonnerstag!! yeah!!


christianne hat gesagt…

How tasty! I just discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading it more often. I've never thought to fry potatoes whole before - will have to give it a try. I assume that you boiled them first?

tschoerda hat gesagt…

thanks :D and yes, i did boil them first, so technically they are not really fried potatoes, hm?

Sara hat gesagt…

gorgeous plate of food! love the chicken and bunny too, very cute.

Dani hat gesagt…

I am so craving some Creamed Spinach now!

Marona hat gesagt…

hallo! dein blog ist super! ich komme aus Spanien und wohne in Salzburg. ich finde Freistadt eine wundervolle Stadt ist und ich wundere mich über diesen "Ratschen" Brauch weil in Spanien es war auch eine Tradition von Gründonnerstag in der Dörfer! Jetzt ist es nicht mehr so! Schade!

reenbo hat gesagt…

Oh how I love spinat mit ei...of course, I convinced my mom to make pfannkuchen for me the other day, and topped with her very similar recipe for the spinat...it was a bit of heaven...thanks for reminding me about the pleasures of my childhood catholic Fridays without meat. Hmmm...perhaps it's time for some Schmarrn, which looks amazingly like your Topfensterz...made with a pancake like dough, but the dough includes water...makes it crumble nicely...