1. April 2007

hello sweetie!

chocolate truffle cheesecake
boy oh boy, i feel like the energizer bunny today!

i did tons of laundry (ooooohh, i am so looking forward to "clean sheets night" !!!). i cleaned my fridge and defrosted the ice compartment and currently i am in the middle of re-organizing the shelves in my living room. i will also totally tidy up the bedroom today!

i think i deserve a little reward in the middle of all this spring cleaning mania ... so i sit down for a minute and browse through those amazing cheesecakes from HHDD#10 because some of those recipes (actually, *all* of them) caught my attention and are on my "to do" list ...

but you see, i bought this fabulous cake tin the other day and while a cake from this silicone thingy would look really cute ... stupid me! did not realize at all that i'd have to fill this mould upside down, which is kind of a handicap if you prepare a cheesecake ... how on earth should i prepare a cracker crust that way?

so what now? i really like the soft / crumbly combination of most cheesecakes, but i have not found an "upside-down"-version of the cracker crust yet ... so should i just ditch the crust? i think i should! because i need something cute today - and my pretty mould will give me a cute little cake anyway!

all the pictures are really stunning! they all make my mouth water ... instead of flipping a coin i guess i should just go check if i have the ingredients for one of these gorgeous cakes in my fridge!

... i swear, i shrieked when i saw this one over at "the garlic press" - and i am oh so happy that i actually have what it takes to reproduce it (ingredients, that is!).

so here's my twist on the recipe! as always, i took the original recipe as an inspiration rather than something i must religiously obey. especially because the capacity of my mould is only 3 cups, so i need to do some scaling as well as higher mathematics ... you know by now that all these ounces, gramms, cups and what not always have me confused ... (though i have some nifty online tools by now!)

chocolate truffle cheesecake
(would you stop taking pictures?!? lick that bowl already, you fool!!)

chocolate truffle cheesecake
inspired by this one by sarah at "the garlic press"

200 g 4,5% cottage cheese
200 g cream cheese (philadelphia)
100 g sugar
50 g unsweetened cocoa powder
25 g starch
2 large eggs
30 g chocolate, melted
pinch of salt
1/2 tbsp instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp of hot water

chocolate truffle cheesecake
(these ingredients yield exactly 3 cups)
  1. preheat oven to 200 °c
  2. puree cottage cheese in a food processor until very smooth
  3. add cream cheese and blend
  4. pour into a bowl and whisk in sugar, cocoa and starch
  5. add the eggs, the coffee, the pinch of salt and the melted chocolate

    chocolate truffle cheesecake
  6. pour in a little silicone baking mould

    chocolate truffle cheesecake
  7. bake the cheesecake until the edges are set (about 45 minutes)
  8. let cool and garnish with chocolate drizzle ...
actually, i have no idea how to get this cheesecake out of the mould! so far it looks really stuck ... i thought you don't have to grease a silicone pan! i might have to scrape it out with a spoon! but hey ... if i really have to destroy a lovely little cake because i can't get it out of the mould i can finally host that "kitchen disasters" - foodblog event i am dreaming about ...

chocolate truffle cheesecake
update: look how pretty!! it slipped out of the mould just like that!

chocolate truffle cheesecake
... and it is soooo good!

ps: thanks for the tip, zorra!!
Blog-Event XXII - fou de chocolat


zorra hat gesagt…

Wow! Damit musst du unbedingt an unserem Event teilnehmen!

rm53 hat gesagt…

wow, I wonder how you get all this done on one single day, that cleaning tasks and laundry and then that elaborate recipe with good photos and all this by only you - fascinating!

Anonym hat gesagt…

That looks decadent! And you definitely deserve it after all that housework you did. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

astrid hat gesagt…

Wow der ist dir wirklich gelungen und die Kuchenform sieht sehr interessant aus.

Danke fürs Mitmachen, der cheesecake passt wirklich perfekt zum Event.

Rosa's Yummy Yums hat gesagt…

I hate to clean the house! You were very courageous, so I guess that you deserved that wonderful cheesecake...
Very beautiful!