28. März 2007

a bit fishy, don't you think?

the past few days have been a little confusing for me, but i am also totally overwhelmed by all the support that has swamped my mailbox. your lovely comments and your encouraging emails give me lots and lots of strength and i want to thank every single one of you who has thought of me and/or dropped a line!

actually, i feel pretty healthy at the moment, only a little exhausted. the immediate cortisone treatment was not really a blast (eeeeeek, i don't like needles in my arms!) but the weird symptoms have totally disappeared. my sense of balance has improved drastically and my fine motor skills are totally back to normal. this was the reason i got checked out in the first place - if things slip out of your hand for no reason or you can not tilt your head without loosing balance and feeling disoriented ... well, that's a pretty good sign that something's wrong, right? suddenly i feel really stupid that i didn't see a doctor much sooner ...

i usually don't even take painkillers, i prefer to slow down and take it easy for a while, lay in bed and "cure myself" ... yeah well, that seems to be out of question right now :D ... i took it very easy over the weekend and i started to do some research on MS. i currently don't feel sick or weird, so i can not really embrace that i am in fact sick. all those super-clever webpages only make me go "huh??" at the moment. some suggest an immediate change of lifestyle, diet, workout and what not while others suggest to carry on as always and slowly adjust to this life changing disease ... i am pretty straight forward with my diagnose and not hopeless at all (aren't there supposed to be five stages of ... well, something?) so i think i just take it slow and see what's going to come ... i did so well with going all organic over the past few months, so i think i am heading in the right direction anyway. i don't want more adjustments in my diet right now. so before i get caught up in all these horror scenarios i decided to just take it easy for a while ...

and in my attempt to take it very easy i fell asleep while watching "finding nemo" on my laptop last night. it seems that springtime lethargy has slammed big time! can you believe that when i woke up all i wanted to do is eat fish? now, i am just cruel, right? i see this charming little movie and all i want to do is to have cute little nemo fried up on my plate!

so i am totally going for fish today. i am not at all experienced with cooking fish, because i usually eat tuna out of a can or i buy a smoked trout on the local farmer's market every once in a while. and i totally crave fish sticks once a year. yes, fish sticks! i am really scraping the bottom of my culinary barrel when i think about cooking a fish ... i am a bit scared to cook a whole one, actually ... so i decided to go for an über-expensive tuna steak from the local store.

thunfisch mit fenchel/pfeffer-kruste

tuna steak with a pepper and fennel seed crust

one tuna steak
one teaspoon of ground pepper
one tablespoon of fennel seeds
  1. rinse the fish and dry it on a paper towel

    thunfisch mit fenchel/pfeffer-kruste
  2. grind a tbsp of pepper and a tbsp of fennel seeds - i used a mortar for that

    thunfisch mit fenchel/pfeffer-kruste
  3. pour the spices on a cutting board and coat the tuna steak on one side

    thunfisch mit fenchel/pfeffer-kruste
  4. put another board on top and weight it down with a bowl of water or the mortar you used earlier ... let the fish rest like this for 20 minutes

    thunfisch mit fenchel/pfeffer-kruste

    thunfisch mit fenchel/pfeffer-kruste
  5. in a pan, melt a knob of butter and fry the tuna steak over medium heat on both sides, the coated side first. i am always going for a well done piece of meat, but if you prefer you can have your tuna steak medium rare too :)
  6. season with salt before arranging on the plate
  7. you can make a nice gravy for your veggies if you pour a little cream in the pan and bring it to a boil once more. add some of the ground spices too, it'll be delicious!

    thunfisch mit fenchel/pfeffer-kruste
  8. the tuna goes well with vegetables - in my case steamed swiss chard and boiled potatos

    thunfisch mit fenchel/pfeffer-kruste
wow, i tell you, i don't want to blow my own trumpet here, but this late lunch was absolutely fantastic! i did not think that the combination of fennel seeds and fish would work so darn well! i am totally satisfied with this fishy creation ... maybe i'll try to get my hands on some good fish more often!


Trig hat gesagt…

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I cooked for friends last night and my choice was... tuna. Great minds.

sher hat gesagt…

I adore tuna! That looks wonderful. I'm glad you're feeling better. Take care of yourself.

vasilisa hat gesagt…

So happy you're feeling better. I'm also the same way -- I wait for the symptoms to get really weird before I go to a doctor... Which really is not a smart thing to do, but I just hate the wait rooms, the needles, the hospital smell, eek... But we should smarten up and take our health seriously...

So yes, take it easy, and pamper yourself. And as for fish - I can't believe you call yourself inexperienced and make such an beautiful recipe! I rarely have more creativity than a cutlet (mush it all together) or frying in butter.

So cudos for the fish!

Rosa's Yummy Yums hat gesagt…

It is good to hear that you are feeling better now!

I am also like you. I go to the doctor when I can't do else. I hate this universe (hospitals & Co), so I prefer to wait in order to be sure that something's wrong with me...

I believe that you have to do as you feel and not stress yourself. Do as you please, otherwise it will not give positive results.

That tuna fish looks delicious! Mmmhhh...

Take good care of yourself!

Melting Wok hat gesagt…

gerda, your tuna looks really good :) Stop taking the cans, high content of mercury. I love all fish too, sabel ones especially, you might wanna try black cods sometime, you'll love it :) hey, thx for linking me, did not realise u linked to my blogspot.com, could u kindly remove tt, and add www.meltingwok.com, I have added u too, thx gerda :)

tschoerda hat gesagt…

i can't tell you how much i appreciate you people dropping me a comment every now and then.

i am truly overwhelmed and although we don't know eachother in person i am honestly touched!

trig, i suppose your great mind knows a tad more about fish dishes than my great mind :D watch out, i still "owe" you an email ...