17. März 2007

pampering myself

now this one was really close! i barely made the deadline for hay, hay ... i decided to give our heirloom birthday cake a twist and throw in something other than pineapple for a change ... i asked my mama, and though we've had this b-day cake several times every year since i was a little kid she had actually never used any other fruit than pineapple for this cheesecake before.

i on the other hand took the bold step of changing a recipe that has travelled from australia to austria 30-ish years ago and has not been changed since.

i decided to submit a cherry cheesecake to hhdd#10:

250 g graham crackers (just take plain butterkeks, it's the best!)
125 g melted butter
250 ml cream
250 g curd cheese
1 small can of pickled cherries, drained (about 300 g)
3 tbsp of vanilla sugar (you can even skip this!)
10 g gelatine
  1. crumble the crackers in a food processor and pour the crumbs in a cake tin
  2. melt butter and mix with the cracker crumbs. press firmly in the tin until the cracker crust is very solid. chill until topping is ready
  3. in a bowl, combine cream and curd cheese until smooth, add sugar if you like (though it is not really necessary)
  4. fold in the drained cherries. add some of the liquid for a nice pink colour if you like
  5. let gelatine soak in a little water for a few minutes. drain exess water and let gelatine dissolve completely over low heat
  6. combine gelatine with the cream and cherry mixture and quickly pour topping onto the cracker crust
  7. cover the cake and chill for at least 2 hours
that oughta cheer me up, dammit --- actually, it does a little, because it is just delicious!



Trig hat gesagt…

Had me completely fooled. The first photo looked like you were finishing off some fatty ham and polenta. But now I see what it really was and it definitely looks more appetising. I'm due for another visit to the optician soon.

tschoerda hat gesagt…

eeeeew! fatty ham!! now that is something that will definitely NOT touch my plate ... ever!!


chef hat gesagt…

kuchen hat wirklich lecker geschmeckt!!! aber es haben die ananas gefehlt... ;-)

tschoerda hat gesagt…

meine rede: man erwartet wirklich ananas! kein wunder: wir haben diesen kuchen noch niemals mit anderem obst probiert, bei uns ist demnach käsekuchen = ananaskuchen. seit zirka 25 jahren oder so :D ... das kann man nur schlecht aus dem gourmet-gedächtnis löschen *g*

Dianka hat gesagt…

Looks gorgeous! Not a huge fan of cheesecake but this one I would eat no doubt! Hope you are doing ok, so sorry to hear about your symptoms.

Brilynn hat gesagt…

Looks great, cherries are a great addition to anything!

Helene hat gesagt…

Looks amazing! I love the slick and clean look of your cut. Now repeat with pineapple and cherries...kidding!

Barbara hat gesagt…

Pink is my favourite colour. I love this cheesecake. Thanks for joining HHDD.