3. März 2007

yeah, i am done

how lame is this?


recipe # 10: bean soup

one small onion
1 tbsp of vegetable oil
75 g (5 tablespoons) of white beans (from a can)
150 ml water
  1. over medium heat fry the diced onion in one tbsp of vegetable oil
  2. add the beans and stir for a while
  3. add the water and bring to a boil
  4. cut the parsley and add to the soup
  5. season to taste
that's weird - i see an inflationary trend, soup-wise. the more i think about soup the less i crave soup. my recipes are becoming more and more plain though i want them to be more unusual and unique.

it sucks if you promise to make a different soup every day during lent and you are already out of ideas and out of motivation - only 10 days down, 30 more to go. i have never been good at resolutions, so i hardly ever make some. why on earth did i think i could stick to my vow this time?

i might be done with the soup thing. it bores me.


Trig hat gesagt…

Consider Lent as a spiritual issue, not a corporal one. Give up indulgence in your mind, but eat a good plate of braised beef and steamed cabbage with dumplings.

burekaboy — hat gesagt…

great picture, gerda.

Sara hat gesagt…

I'm sorry I missed all your posts on soup! They all look very good.