12. April 2006

euro blogging by post 4 (again)

so i sent a parcel to mr. david lebovitz for euro food blogging 4.

it is a disaster what happened! read for yourself ....

... and weep - just like i did! i spent so much time and effort putting the parcel together and now pretty much everthing is ruined. not only did i spend (probably way too much) good money on all the stuff (i am sure everyone who participates does that!), i am really disappointed that my first blogging by post experience did not turn out too well. when i heard from david i was really devistated, i was thinking about not joining in anymore ...

... but this would be silly, actually. first of all, david was on holiday for a couple of days and the parcel was probably in a damp corner of some french postoffice for too long.
and second of all i was lucky enough not to get some mouseshit delivered, i got a pretty good parcel.

i am just really disappointed that i probably could not fulfill david's expectations.

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ostwestwind hat gesagt…

Du Arme, ich hab das bei David gelesen... Ich hoffe, das nächste Mal ist die Europost freundlicher!

Dianka hat gesagt…

Awww poor thing! Don't be discouraged though. I'm sure it'll work out next time =)

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Bettina hat gesagt…

Sonst lass uns mal einen Austria-Schwiiz Food-Blog-by-Post machen - mit der Schweizer Post klapt's ganz gut :)
Tschau, Bettina

Andrew hat gesagt…

A great shame but these things happen. Last time we had a missing parcel; so at least it got through. Hope it isnt going to put you off joining in the next round.